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Hi guys! Ashley here.

China Marketing Circle is a closed community of China watchers and marketing experts. By joining this group you’ll receive only the very best information - insights, trends, strategies, case studies and more - from myself and my trusted network of China experts.


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1. You’ll join our private China Marketing Circle WhatsApp/WeChat group.

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3. Once a month you’ll also have access to a live group video call with me where you can ask all your China digital marketing questions.

4. I guarantee you’ll get tons of valuable insights but if you want to unsubscribe, you can stop at any time. 


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"Social media in China operates almost completely differently from the rest of the world. Ashley is the go-to guru for Chinese social media." —Jeffrey Towson, Managing Partner, Towson Capital

“Ashley is your China girl! The world has a lot to learn from China and Ashley is our bridge to learn how to apply their innovations in our work.” —Yasmine Khater, Host of The Sales Story Podcast.

“Ashley doesn’t only create content that’s incredibly interesting and valuable, but also shares her inspiration and spreads knowledge of the fast-changing, growing economy that Westerners need to adapt to when expanding into China.” —Jia Song, Partner in Europe, China Enterprise Business Center

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